David Simms Sheffield Steelers ice hockey column: Eberle will fit in perfectly with Aaron Fox's plans

So Tanner Eberle is the latest Steeler recruit, I’m delighted he has decided to come back and be a part of the new Aaron Fox set up.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 4:16 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 6:16 pm
Tanner Eberle in action against Dundee

I think Eberle was perhaps the only signing last year that did everything it said on the tin. Young, enthusiastic, hard working.In fairness to him I think we asked too much of him last year, asked him to be a player he wasn’t. Last August we didn’t expect 20 goals from him, we expected around 10, what he delivered. I think in the new look team he will fit in perfectly to what is expected. Those above him in the food chain must do their job if we are to see the best of what Eb’s can bring to us.Knowing the players Aaron is speaking to I’m confident that will be the case.Next week we will be confirming the signing of a new forward, one Aaron hopes will play a major role in the team going forward. An experienced winger, a North American who is expected to play in the team’s top six.As we speak the club has signed a few more players than we are letting on, some are just going through the school process with our partners at the University of Sheffield and some, well we will let you know who they are shortly.The good news is that the plan is moving forward, Aaron seems very happy with the team that he is building.If he is happy we are happy right now.I think the Steelers will be older next year, I know Eberle is a young guy but the way we are building seems to suggest we will be more experienced and a little older.My view is whatever works. Young, old, I don’t care, just as long as they are committed to the Steelers.We have our dates from the Arena ahead of the fixtures meeting at the end of the month. We will now examine all the possibilities and different schedules available to us so we go into that meeting with a plan to deliver a fixture list good for the club, Arena, players and you the fans. I think we have the dates to do just that.The Challenge Cup will commence on the 31st August / 1st September, prior to that are the home exhibition games in the two weekends before that. Only nine weekends until hockey time.

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