Dave Simms: Why dropping an in-form Sheffield Steelers’ goalie would be crackers

Josh Unice: between Sheffield's posts
Josh Unice: between Sheffield's posts
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It’s the big question: Josh Unice or Frank Doyle?

Sheffield Steelers’ coach Gerad Adams will very shortly have to make a ruling on whether his on-form stand-in goalie, Unice, has to make way for back-from-injury Frank Doyle.

Doyle has had a hand injury which has improved so much that he will be available for selection soon.

But Unice, cleared of any blame in the 4-0 reverse at Cardiff last Sunday, has been a consistently good performer and could be a Steelers’ goalie for years to come.

So do you usher in the future now...or go with the veteran who has been one of the best netminders around for the last two years?

In the past, Steelers have had two import goalies, but Sheffield official Dave Simms says never has there been such competition for the vital slot as now.

“Josh has proved he can win at difficult rinks like Cardiff (6-0, recently) and has won against Nottingham Panthers.

“If he wins at Nottingham again, on Saturday, my view is this: How can you possibly move a hot goalie out of that position?

“I am chairman of the Frank Doyle fan club and he is the tried and tested guy who you can always depend on.

“But Josh will make a very strong case for himself if he wins at Nottingham - dropping him after a win there would be crackers.”

Simms said Unice’s challenge was more acute than Torchia on O’Neill or Hibbert on Greco - imports of the past.

“The starting goalie was never really pressed, in those days. Now we are certainly seeing that take place before our eyes.

“Yes Josh conceded four in at Cardiff last Sunday, but so have the likes of Lehman, Doyle, Kowalski etc - it’s that type of rink.

“The truth is we have two excellent goaltenders - and that competition could be a huge factory as our club attempts to win the trophies available to us.”

Last night’s Steelers v Edinburgh game finished after our deadline.