Dave Simms on Steelers: It's time to show that Steelers spirit!

It looks like the Steelers won’t be able to retain the services of Mikko Kuukka and that he will return to Finland after Wednesday’s cup quarter-final against Manchester.

Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 7:00 pm
Mikko Kuukka

Head coach Aaron Fox is confident of signing a suitable replacement shortly, maybe even in time for the home game this Saturday against Fife Flyers.

Remember we have been able to keep Kuukka for longer than we first thought.

Initially he was a short term replacement for Aaron Johnson when we lost him the first time.

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Somehow Fox and Kuukka have worked out extensions that suited both parties.

Now the time has come when Kuukka has to commit to a contract back in his homeland and the Steelers thank him for his service whilst here.

What a great addition he was.

Steelers will also hope that Robert Dowd is back to face Fife.

Dowd missed Wednesday’s cup quarter-final against Manchester, although did skate for the first time that morning.

With one game this weekend the Steelers will be going all out with every available body able to skate skating.

It’s a must win as we know the chasing pack, Cardiff especially, will have the chance to make up one of their games in hand.

It’s another reason why finding a Kuukka replacement is so important and why Aaron is on top of that chase as we speak.

The run of games in December is incredible and we need as many bodies in the line up as we start this busy schedule.

Tony Smith has backed his coach hasn’t he?

With the injuries sustained the club have worked around the clock to fill in the gaps when the coach has come calling for replacements.

The structure and stability of the Steelers is now at a point where we can now support the coach and playing staff in this way.Christmas this year will be competitive won’t it?

The Manchester Storm will be our guests this year on Boxing Day. I think this game will be just as busy as the previous years against Nottingham.

Ice Schedules this year deemed that we could not meet on Boxing Day but will go head to head on New Years Day at the Arena – two huge series of games against our closest rivals.

Is it me, or do the games against Manchester have a little more edge?

Davies and Gagnon have certainly helped spice up the previous games.

Boxing Day might just have some Boxing action – I’m certainly hoping so.

On Saturday the Steelers will be joining forces with Hallam FM and their “Mission Christmas” appeal.

Together we will all ensure that every kid locally has a gift for the holiday period – just as it should be.

That means Steelers and Fife Flyers fans will be bringing Teddy Bears and Soft Toys (in plastic bags please) to throw on the ice when the Steelers score their first goal of the night.

Last year over 2000 toys landed on the Arena Ice and we are hoping for even more on Saturday.

What a great thing to be able to do and how good is it that our fans buy in and help with this project.

Goals, excitement, entertainment and Steelers Razzmatazz on Saturday with a few thrown Teddy bears to add - only at a night with the Steelers!

It’s the business time of the year, a cup quarter final, huge league games.

It’s a men or mice time and we have to show that Steelers spirit in these games ahead.