Dave Simms: Sheffield Steelers double-header for just £10 - We'll put a smile on your face

After the emotion of the events around last week’s game against Manchester, we can fully concentrate on just hockey this weekend.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 3:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th September 2019, 3:22 pm
Mathieu Roy, formerly of Sheffield Steelers.

If there is anything better than a hockey game at the Arena, then it’s two hockey games at the Arena.

On Saturday we play Guildford at 7pm and on Sunday Mathieu Roy, the King of Sheffield, returns to the Steel City with Glasgow Clan at 4pm.

It gets better still. One ticket for just £10 gets you admission into not one but both games. Your weekend entertainment sorted for a tenner.

Yes you can buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too in the City of Sheffield this weekend.

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The Steelers have long been known to be the best value for money sporting ticket in the city.

Now they have taken it to a new level this weekend. Cheaper than football of course, but also cheaper than bowling, the cinema, a pizza or pretty much anything else you can think of doing.

Hockey and the Steelers is becoming the sport of the city and certainly the affordable sport of the people.

Steelers have recognised that nothing in life is cheap right now.

It’s hard for folk, certainly those with families, to enjoy a sporting event.

So throughout the season we try and do discounted events. In the past £5 games and now this weekend a £10 weekend all-you-can-eat buffet of hockey action.

What can you expect?

Firstly, great sport but also a great event.

Emotion, Passion, Toughness and Skill.

The Steelers this year are scoring goals for fun so the excitement and the roar will have you on the edge of your seat.

Bring the kids. It’s indoors. It’s safe. It’s fun. Sure to us hockey purists it’s important but coming to your first game knowing nothing about what you are watching is fun.

You will smile, cheer, clap and leave the Arena entertained.

That’s what the Steelers do and have done for almost 30 years.

We entertain you.

We put a smile on your face.

If it is your first game then I guarantee you one thing. At one part of the night you will turn to the people you came with and say “wow, I never expected this” and then later you will turn to them again and say “how have we not been to this before?” – that’s the effect a night with the Steelers has on you.

Steelers have won their last three games.

This weekend, if they can achieve two more victories, then it will see them make their best start to a league season in a long time.

The stars of the team are firing on all cylinders. Robert Dowd, Marco Vallerand and Brendan Connolly are all scoring goals.

The passion from Anthony DeLuca, the skill of Ben O’Connor - you will love it.

Think you work hard at your place of work? Well, you may be reading this but once you see how hard Jonathan Phillips and Tanner Eberle work on the ice you will think differently about your own work ethic.

Those two boys make you feel guilty.

So folks, there is no excuses.

This is a great weekend to experience the Steelers for the first time.

Come to one game for just £10 or come to them both for £10 - that’s NOT £10 each, that’s £10 for the weekend ticket.

So, some things in life are affordable, some will say cheap.

See you there – I guarantee you will love it.

Why wouldn't you?