Confidential: Ragan sells Steelers’ stake

Tony Smith
Tony Smith
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SECRET millionaire Paul Ragan’s secret is out - he has nothing to do with Sheffield Steelers any more!

The tycoon, who sprung to the nation’s attention in March 2010 when he appeared on the Channel 4 programme Secret Millionaire, bought Steelers in December of that year.

It didn’t work out though and three months ago it was announced that 50 per cent of the club now belonged to Sheffield businessman and Steeler fan Tony Smith. Now Smith has cemented a deal to restrict Ragan’s Elite League involvement to the ownership of Cardiff Devils alone.

Smith said: “Ragan has been bought out. The 100 per cent shareholding has been agreed to be transferred across, not straight away but the paper work is in place and we have shaken hands on a deal. Paul has been very good about this, he has agreed a deal to move out of Sheffield and the finance side will take care of itself.”

Meanwhile former coach Mike Blaisdell has paid tribute to another guest at next Saturday’s 20th birthday ‘Festival of Hockey.’

“I think Rick Brebant is the best player to play in the league over here and I think Steelers fans got to see the best of him,” said the Grand Slam winner.

“Brebant played through the eras. When I first played with him in Durham the League was set up so your imports had to score six goals a night and he did. The league then changed and Brebant changed with it; in fact he got better.”

Blaisdell said. “Our team of 2001 had NHL guys and American League guys, stars, captains etc and yet Rick, who had only played College hockey before coming over here led every team he played on. I have never met such a competitive person or player in my life.

“There are a lot of stars that have played in Sheffield and many of them will be at this Festival of Hockey on Saturday but I honestly don’t think the Steelers have seen anyone any better than Rick - he was a one off player and a one off person. He upset people but he made those people better.”