Coaching can be stressful, admits Ryan

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RYAN FINNERTY has admitted he has had to deal with new levels of stress after stepping up from player to player coach at Sheffield Steelers.

The transition from a personal-performance focused winger to a manager responsible for team results is a big and challenging one.

The Sheffield Steelers chief admits it has, at times, been a demanding change-over.

He explained: “You can afford to switch off as a player, but as a player coach you are constantly thinking and questioning your thoughts and seeking advice to make sure you get things right.

“Making the change to coach has been a lot more stressful that I thought but I have taken it really seriously and hope that I have got it right but I’m confident that the guys I have brought in will get the job done.”

Finnerty signed his side during the Summer recess - and it wasn’t a particlarly restful time.

“Summer time was about trying to get the right players; ones that would fit, you have to make all the piece of the puzzle fit.

“That takes time and I am not a very patient guy; I had to work on that this summer. My nerves were tested a lot but I am ecstatic where we are right now.”

Finnerty will get a chance to see his new side in action tomorrow (6.30pm) at the Arena against his old club Cardiff Devils, a friendly which is part of the 20 year anniversary Festival. “We are looking to use the game to get on the ice work out some kinks and try a few different things” said Finnerty.

“You never step on the ice looking to lose and I definitely don’t want to start my coaching career off with a loss.

“There will be an emphasis on work ethic and the end product. If we put in a good effort we will be satisfied.”