Clark favourite to score Steelers’ 1,000th goal

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Ice Hockey: Latest news, reports and more.
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WHO will score Sheffield Steelers’ 1,000th Arena goal tomorrow? That accolade awaits the player to get the final touch on the first (if there is one) puck past Nottingham Panthers goalie Craig Kowalski.

It is an interesting side issue, with Neil Clark, aguably, being the likeliest, as he is leading league goalscorer.

But the most important question is: Who will score the game-winner?

The last nine goals to win games have come from nine different players. Not among that group are Ashley Tait and Ryan Finnerty, so if I was a betting man that is where my money would go!

Or maybe a few quid on home-grown Tom Squires, who is revelling in playing alongside Jeff Legue.

Forward Jason Hewitt says he or his teammates do not care who scores the famous goal, just as long as one of them does, after suffering two shut-outs against Panthers this season.

“Don’t get me wrong, it will be a big goal to score and one that will put you in the record books, but it’s minor compared with winning the game,” said the winger.

“I couldn’t care less if that goal is scored off the backside of one of Nottingham’s own players as long as it comes early and gets the team going.

“Panthers goalie Kowalski has been a menace to us so far this season.

“We have to find a way to beat him.

“Let’s hope it’s not just goal number 1,000 that he concedes; lets hope it’s a few more as well.”

Teammate RG Flath believes that the quality of shots on Kowalski will be crucial.

Flath says that the goaltender is expert as shielding rebounds from his pads away into the comparative safety of the corners.

He would like to see more shots just above the pads, to make it more difficult for the former Carolina Hurricanes draft pick.

Sheffield’s preparation for tomorrow is not great – they have a match at Braehead Clan this evening.

Clan are looking for their third successive win after beating Fife and then winning at Cardiff Devils.

They have also recently defeated league leaders Belfast Giants 4-1.