Champions will take nothing for granted

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Steelers won’t be complacent when they arrive in Dundee tomorrow, looking to protect a 6-1 Play Off quarter final lead.

Dan Ceman’s Stars are not known for their big-scoring wins, but that doesn’t mean that Ben Simon’s champions will take them lightly.

Defenceman Mark Thomas said; “The job is far from over. Sure we are firm favourites but we still have to be professional and we can’t take Dundee for granted. We have to come hard out of the blocks and see the game off. If we don’t and the Stars grab a couple of quick goals then it turns the momentum around, we can’t and we won’t allow that to happen.

“Also we don’t want to get into bad habits should we make the final four of the play offs in Nottingham.

“A few years ago this was all new to so many of us but after winning the league and the play offs twice we now know what to expect” added Thomas.

“We know what it takes and what is expected. Nothing surprises us any more. We will be ready to do the job.”

The winners of the Steelers v Dundee series take on either Nottingham or Braehead in next week’s afternoon semi final. “We don’t have any preferences” said Thomas. “Its fun playing Nottingham, especially in their own building. We’ve had great results there this year. Playing them doesn’t worry us. Similarly, if it’s Braehead. They will want revenge after last weekend’s defeats to us, but overall we ‘ve played well against them.”