Bulldog Hewitt reveals how his coach helped him

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JASON HEWITT modestly is playing the hockey of his life.

But the Sheffield Steelers forward doesn’t want any plaudits for that - as he attributes his successes to first-year player coach Ben Simon.

In a few short months, Hewitt has gone from being a third line winger to being an omnipresent, aggressive centre man and face off winner.

Hewitt thinks Simon’s playing style and brutal honesty suits him possibly more than the previous boss, Dave Matsos.

“I admired the way Ben plays the game as soon as he came, it is the sort of style that I try to play and I have learned from him.

“If you don’t have a good shift he tells you straight away, which is perhaps different to the way Matty did it. But then in your next shift, if you do better, Ben tells you ‘that’s more like it.’ That approach helps you perform better.”

Hewitt and his team-mates are in Belfast tomorrow night for one of the remaining matches that will shape the championship. A win there, followed by a similar result in Nottingham on Sunday, would go a long way towards assuring the title goes to Broughton Lane.

Steelers boss Paul Ragan’s operating company Rinkcorp has bought the OASIS Video wall from Meadowhall saying it will transform into the focal point of the Steelers match night experience next year.”

Ragan says there will be investment in the team and the entertainment package next season, although “some increases in ticket prices have been inevitable.”

“None of the successes we all wish to achieve come without sound commercial and financial stability; this is something that’s eluded the club for a large part of its existence” says the club.