Bombshell signing leads to mixed views amongst fans

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Steelers fans have a variety of views about the controversial signing of one-time spot-fixer Tyler Mosienko.

The Canadian was kicked out of Denmark for betting on the number of goals his team would concede.

He now has a cut-salaried job with Sheffield, who have cashed in on his wrongdoing; they couldn’t have afforded him before his fall from grace. Mosienko aims to repair his image in Europe.

We asked fans what they thought about the signing.

Elliott Hall: Do I agree with a proven cheat joining my team? No, I don’t. But should somebody be given a second chance, yes! God forbid if friends or family got in trouble and we couldn’t give them a second chance. Having said that, I’m not sure what I’d say if he’d joined Nottingham!

Ellen Lilley: I wonder if the fans from his previous team think he’s made amends?

Steeler079: we have given him an import slot which could have gone elsewhere so don’t make us regret that. I hope if he impresses and the call came in from Europe he wouldn’t throw it back in club’s face and has loyalty.

mfjones I heard Tony (Smith, owner) has been inundated with his sponsorship offers, bet 365, ladbrookes, william hill.

Doom: We’ve signed him for less than his worth because of his tainted past, but what happens if he has a good start for Steelers and a German or Italian team come calling with a bag of money? Will Mosienko stick it out with the club willing to give him a 2nd chance or chase the money again?”

On twitter, ‏Phil Beddoe posted: “He deserves the chance but anytime someone gets past him and scores people are going to wonder...”

Tricky: “Not a very good role model if he’d signed for another team I suspect many fans would be up in arms.”

Jaywoko: “He will have a lot to prove and could be a awesome signing for the steelers.”

Janet Shaw: “Everyone deserves a 2nd chance and its up to Tyler to prove himself.”

Robert Newbolt: “I think the general consensus is give him another go. I personally dont think he would do it again.”

Mark Goddard: “No problem at all, everyone deserves a second chance.”

Matt Scholey: “He made a mistake as we all do! If he comes in and works his socks off for the shirt all will be good!”

Sophie Funnell: “He’d be pretty stupid to try it again and G (Gerad Adams) knows what he is doing so I trust his judgement.

Sally Bowler: he obviously wasn’t very good at it, (spot fixing) he got caught! Best he sticks to hockey and earns his money the hard way.”

Lynsey France: “He will be a quality player and needs a second chance.”

Mark Wale: “Seems like he’s learned his lesson.

jayscarblue: It’s a lesson in taking responsibility for your actions and making amends. Good luck to him.”