All round good guy stakes his claim for a spot

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Ice Hockey: Latest news, reports and more.
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STEELERS new boy RG Flath will continue to press his case to be retained by the club, this weekend.

The forward is on a 60-day contract while star winger Mike Ramsay’s hand injury heals.

But the 27-year old American ‘substitute’ made a personal statement about his own worth last weekend with two goals and a decent all-round performance - and that could tempt coach Ryan Finnerty to retain his services and lose another import instead.

Finnerty said: “Is he stating his case? Absolutely. He has come over here to earn his spot and he’s started well.

“I won’t be showing favours to anyone - the best player will stay.”

Asked what Flath’s qualities were, Finnerty replied: “He may not be the greatest player but I am quite impressed because he is an all rounder who does everything well.

“Sometimes players with a lot of skill don’t have the ability to read a game well, but Flath is always in the right position when he needs to be.

“He works hard in the corners, has a good skill level and does all the little things right - the sort of things that don’t always get noticed by fans.

“Positionally, he is very strong, he doesn’t run around like his head has been cut off. He was sound all over the ice last weekend and we used him in key situations in the win at Coventry Blaze.

“He is not a player who makes too many mistakes either, but will work hard, go to the net and finish his checks off. A couple of goals (against Dundee) hasn’t hurt him either.”

Right shot Flath, who once played for a team called Austin Ice Bats, had expected to play in Copenhagen this year, but the team there was hit by financial troubles.