Horlicks tonight ... and the stuff of dreams tomorrow

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HAD any sleepless nights lately? A question, of course, aimed at Wednesdayites!

Come on lads, admit it. You’ve been tossing and turning under the duvet all week. Waking up at 4 o’clock and can’t get back off to sleep ... for thinking about tomorrow!

Answer me this one.

How come Wycombe are going to morph into a combination of Barcelona and Real Madrid in time for them walking out at Hillsborough tomorrow?

How come a side who have conceded more goals away from home than anyone in the division (an average of two goals a game) have got Owls fans coming over all nervous as if they are suddenly going to be confronted by something like the immovable Italian defences of the 1960s and 70s?

And how come the one Wycombe player you’ve heard of, Stuart Beavon, isn’t just a striker in a struggling side but really Messi in disguise who always plays well on the first Saturday in May?

Yes, there are loads of Wednesdayites who have the bunting out and put the champagne and plenty of booze on ice.

But lots are spending the build-up fretting and thinking things. And not what they want to be thinking!

Even the traditional line “they’re relegated, they’ve nothing to play for” doesn’t bring full reassurance.

The answer back is that, with the pressure off, Wycombe can come and play with freedom.

Well, that would be totally different to how they set up at Bramall Lane in February. They strung five defenders across the penalty area, four midfielders in front and one up front. Okay, they held out for 66 minutes which is a darn sight longer than Owls fans want to be suffering a blank scoreline for.

But, to me, they look near-enough perfect last-day opponents.

If Wednesday recreate anything like the performance I saw them produce at Huddersfield, then they will do it, no danger.

Of course, funny things happen in football and if Wednesday are drawing and United go in front at Exeter, then that’s when it gets nervy.

But I can’t see anything to stop them tomorrow.

Have a Horlicks and sweet dreams!

On hearing Roy Hodgson was getting the England job, I instantly feared for this utterly decent man and football expert.

The nation’s (and London media) darling, good ol’ ’arry, had been snubbed. Roy won’t have a chance. The knives will be poised at the very first poor result and if we struggle in the Euros this summer then, as good ol’ ’arry might say: “Gawd ’elp ’im.”

To be fair, we all assumed from the moment of his Crown Court acquittal, that ’arry ’ad the job in the bag. And to use ’arry’s favourite description ... “it’d be fantastic”.

However, check out the job description after Capello went. It most certainly didn’t fit Redknapp.

But, an FA Cup Final win and cockney banter on telly, and we all wanted ’arry.

In agreement with many, I thought the mocking of Hodgson’s speech impediment by the nation’s leading tabloid this week was a disgrace. It was below the belt and indicates what he’s got coming.

’Arry (who has a column in that paper anyway) wouldn’t have got the same treatment nor would they ever dream of mocking the slight impediment (when saying the letter ‘l’) of the fiery Scottish manager who has won more trophies than any other.