Hipwell horror as bike catapults down track

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HARWORTH’s Supersport racer Dean Hipwell crashed out in spectacular style at Brands Hatch during Friday’s test session on the short Indy circuit ending up with a broken wrist.

Hipwell and the CDH Racing team were looking forward to competing on the Brands Hatch GP circuit with expectations that they would improve their standing in the championship.

Brands is a circuit which Hipwell likes and enjoys racing on - in the first meeting of the season he posted his best finish of the campaign when he ended up in fifth place.

Friday afternoon’s test session got under way in dry bright cloudy conditions with Hipwell setting off for his first lap of the weekend. As he approached the start and finishing line he was on maximum power travelling in excess of 145mph ready for his first flying lap.

At that moment the marshals were preparing to put out the black and orange flag together with his number warning him to stop as what appeared to be smoke was seen coming from his bike. Unfortunately this was not in time because as he exited the Paddock Hill bend and put full power back on the back end of the Yamaha stepped out viciously sending Hipwell up in the air in a massive high side with the machine being catapulted down the track.

Hipwell ended up face down on the track concussed. The session was immediately stopped in order for the medical team and marshals to recover both Hipwell and the Yamaha. As he got up onto his knees and put pressure on his hand he realised with the pain he was in trouble.

Subsequent examination revealed that he had broken the scaphoid bone in his wrist, plus suffered bruised ribs and a hole in one elbow.

Hipwell now has his hand and wrist in plaster and will be contacting a specialist with a view to having laser treatment on the broken bones in order to speed up the healing process.

It was initially thought by the CDH team that the engine of the Yamaha had blown causing oil to get on the rear wheel causing the accident.

But on investigation the engine was found to be in first class working order, though they did find one of the water hoses had come off which they initially thought had happened during the incident. They now believe this to be the cause as water spewing out of this onto the rear tyre would result in there being no grip as Hipwell put the power back on.

The 22 year old rider considers himself to be extremely lucky not to have been more seriously injured in the incident. He will not be competing in the next round of the championship at Cadwell Park later this month, but, depending on how qickly his injuries heal, he is hoping to be back in action in September.