Hewitt happy if he gets 'demotion'

SHEFFIELD Steelers forward Jason Hewitt aims to go back to normal duties this weekend – happy enough to be "demoted" back to the third line.

Wednesday, 3rd October 2007, 8:02 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2007, 12:49 pm

With the impending return of Jeff Legue to the first line, Joe Talbot is expected to return to the second, forcing Hewitt to go back to the third, re-joining Warren Tait and Jeremy Cornish.

He said: “I have enjoyed playing up a line with the likes of Doug Sheppard and Ashley Tait but nothing would please me more than seeing Jeff in the line-up against Edinburgh and at home to Newcastle.

“I have enjoyed the extra ice time and responsibility, and I think I have played well.

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“However Steelers are about winning games and we will win a lot more with Jeff on the big line and me back causing havoc with Warren and Corney.

“Our roles are very different to the others, we are sent out to make sure we play well defensively.

“We have played well together as a line and have scored some goals as well. We are all experienced in this league and should dominate other teams’ third units.

“Sometimes Matty (David Matsos) puts us out against the opposition’s first or second line so our scorers can go after the other teams weaker lines. We love playing against big lines and we all feel confident that we won’t be scored on.

“We had a horrid weekend last week, we have been put through the mill this week at practice and every player in the room knows and understands that this weekend has to be better.

“We have to go to Edinburgh and get rid of the hoodoo there, we just have to beat them. Sunday will be the same, somehow we managed to lose against the Vipers last Sunday, they didn’t beat us we beat ourselves, we were daft. This Sunday it’s in our barn and we will beat them.”