Owlerton tonight -

6.39 (500m): Diego Andorra, Cute Savings, Santiago Lad, Dunelm Duke, Paddys Volcano (w), Occasional Glow (w).

6.56 (500): Mays Delight, Dads Billy, Reus Blue, Mikes Court, Babs Gift, Swift Kildare (w).

7.11 (500): Fanore Lass, Bajan Sara, Lastchancemolly, Hurry on Blue, Grandad Jim, Portobello Lady (w).

7.27 (500); Head Lark, Russanda Jess, Earn Ur Keep, Icandoit, Magna Drumbeat, Critics Choice (w).

7.43 (500): Feeling Foxy, Worsboro Pilot, Royston Donna, Magna Bailey, Vancouver Buck, Blissful Madam (w).

7.58 (500): Lucerne Rhys, Cossack Crafty, Stunning Tina, Blackstone Nadal, Worsboro Jewel, Sporty Fortune (w).

8.14 (500): Westmore Kid, Marinas Queen, Magna Rebel, Wee Prospect, Linfit Morley, Mannies Angel (w).

8.31 (500); Duke Of Spades, Josh You Are, Ler Pluto, Russanda Rooney, Slaneyside Pudsy, Justice For Matt (w).

8.47 (500); Swift Torres, Balliblue Stan, Halcrow Delight, Ballyguiry Rebel, At The Races (w), Guinness (w).

9.02 (500); Demesne Trotter, Known Choice, Miaton Joe, Joes Laughter, Castlehill Dec, Russanda Daly (w).

9.17 (500); Spitfire Spirit, Baltimore Bullet, Cape West, Magna Monkey, Cortaflex Purity, Royston Sue (w).

9.33 (500); Glenske Scholes (w), Pugalicious, Selby Speed, Centurion Al, Abbeyleix, Fivestar Hawk.

9.50 (500): Shan Van Voct, Farinelli, Stand By Me, Mikos Molly, Golden Ella, Cragaknock Weer (w).

10.07 (280): Ashtree Blue, Kevins Jack, Malibu Lass, Jimmy Jampot (w), Cryptospyridium (w), Ballymackey Hope (w).

10.23 (500): Russanda Ripley, Piece Of Gold, Southwind Rio, Parkfield Alice, Rich And Rare (w), Highview Torrent (w).

10.40 (500); Kanezamour, Posey Rosey, Generous Hawk, Urban Ghost, Southwind Lola, Glen Lauren (w).

Got a view? Leave a comment below.

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