Owlerton tonight - 6.39 (500m): Towerhill Joker, Head Iton Fern, Hurry On Reggie, Melted Minnie, Judders Girl, Effernogue Crash (W).

6.56 (500): Reisk Russell, Haydns Girl, Mikes Court, Lotto Active, Rockmount Hawk, Luigis Star (W).

7.11 (500): West End Lass, Prussian Liz, Tynwald Agustus, Cill Dubh Light, Bodell Cheryl, Halcrow Classic (W).

7.27 (500): Blackrock Rosie, Nan Lemon, Yellow Submarine, Grandad Jim, Stepaside Hondo, Urban Gypsy (W).

7.43 (500): Lusty Lord, Balliblue Stan, Stunning Sam, Padges Maja, Express Style (W), Montana Express (W).

7.58 (500): Logandyke Captain, Wentworth Wonder, Dundrum Reason, Bold Marie, Hurry On Niamh, You Can Do Magic (W).

8.14 (500): Prussian Blueboy, Magna Chuckle, Lively Beast, Dazzlem Dinny, Magna Times, Delwood Duffy (W).

8.25 (500): Expert Girl, Hather Black, Miaton Joe, Head Iton Toby, Coolboy Blue, Catsrock Rooney (W).

8.47 (500): Doyeheadin, Spruce Ted, Magna Chick, Glen Padden Way, Rockmount Ace (W), Shades of Jonah (W).

9.02 (500): Lassana Black, Pennys Option, Magna Rebel, Coolavanny Fling, Ballyguiry Spike, Russanda Daly (W).

9.17 (500); Silk Flag, Blame Tee Nine, Demesne Mindy, True Tom, Magna Bugle, Hopalong Sticks (W).

9.33 (500); Pugalicious, Glenske Scholes (W), Centurion Al, Pass Inspection, Abbeyleix, Fivestar Hawk.

9.50 (500): Positive Mood, Glory Billy, Bandicoot Mia, Droopys Dumont, Iconic Turpin (W), Runaround Paul (W).

10.07 (660); Swift Pit, Roeview Rosie, Santiago Lad, Full Duck, Vancouver Buck, Kelban Nicola (W).

10.23 (500): Ilookliesonic, Swift Tico, Hipsway Chip, Gerros Redsox, Umera Smash, Blue Dove (W).

10.40 (500): Coolboy Blaze, Magna Starling, irelands Hawk, Looks N Money, Blackstone Nadal, Iconic Blue (W).

Got a view? Leave a comment below.

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