Green Un champ beaten by brother

Veteran Albert Roper won the Coronation Club match
Veteran Albert Roper won the Coronation Club match
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Newly-crowned Green Un Club Match Angler Champion Vic Molyneux was pipped by his brother Dave in the latest Houghton Main AC match.

Dave caught carp to 6lbs casting a method feeder tight to the island on Peg 9 at Woodhouse Grange, Kingfisher Lake.

Andy Wilburn, returning to the club after a break from fishing, put down an early marker for the big fish competition with a 15lb 7oz carp that will take some beating.

Result: 1. D Molyneux 79-3; 2. V Molyneux 74-7; 3. P Turner 55-1; 4. R Burgin 53-7; 5. R Chorlton 53-0; 6. P Sissons 51-5.

Homestead AC, Little John Lakes, Ollerton, Friar Tuck Lake: A barbel right on the final whistle secured top spot for Pete Spooner over Graham Smith on a day when a strengthening wind made things tricky. Spooner caught mostly barbel on meat fished tight to the island while Smith had a mixed bag on short pole with worm and caster.

Result: 1. Pete Spooner 33-9; 2. Graham Smith 31-3; 3. Mark Dodson 26-3; 4. P chapman 22-13; 5. P Thomas 21-15; 6. A Beighton 18-1.

Woodseats AC, Barston Lakes: Set on a golf course beneath the flight path to Birmingham airport Barston is an arresting venue but a very cold week hit catches. Dave Tomkinson chose to ignore carp and fish chop worm and caster, a tactic that produced skimmers and roach steadily through the day but he was very nearly pipped at the post by Terry Oldfield who netted a 19lb carp in the last 10 minutes, a feat that won him the golden peg jackpot.

Result: 1. D Tomkinson 40-1; 2. T Oldfield 37-8; 3. J Chisholm 28-9; 4. P Gorman 27-15; 5. B Farrer 19-4; 6. D Sayles 17-4.

Triple AC, Swanlands Thorne, Burger Lake, Secretary’s Venue Rating: 9/10: In a tight fight for the top three slots Jonathan Lee caught the odd carp and silvers fishing to the island early on before switching to fishing in front of the peg next to him and bagging up with carp on pellet and corn.

Result: 1. J Lee 37-14; 2. L White 36-4; 3. A Thompson 34-12; 4. A Pinder 29-12; 5. D Lunn 29-2.

Thurnscoe Coronation AC, Lodge Farm Fisheries, Field Lake: The opening match of a new campaign gave veteran angler Albert Roper ample opportunity to prove that he’s no slacker in the match stakes racking up a 77lb catch that gave him 8lbs to spare.

Result: 1. A Roper 77-0; 2. P Chapman 69-0; 3. J.Goring 67-0 4N Cox 49-0.

Barrel Fishing Club, Pine Lakes, Thorne: It’s two wins on the trot for Jim Shaw fishing caster on the deck at 11 meters and later in the margins to catch ide and tench.

Result: 1. J Shaw 42-12; 2. J Phipps 33-0; 3. E Casson 19-9; 4. S Marks 18-8.

Arnies AC, Lowfields Corner Pond: A return to to cold and rain conditions saw weights take a nosedive and Brian Searles needed only five small carp backed up with ide and roach to win. Trevor Roberts nicked third over Bill Roberts by just 2oz on pole and corn in the margins.

Result: 1. B Searles 12-3; 2. T Fawcett 8-6; 3. B Roberts 8-4; 4. L Swift 7-8; 5. A Redfern 7-0; 6. P Jubb 6-5.

Thry Bar Mill Tata Steels, Lodge Farm Fisheries, Field Pond: Fishing shallow with 6mm pellet Dean Cardwell caught carp to 4lb on the pole between 11 and 13 metres out to head off the challenge from Chris Yarrow who caught carp on pellet waggler backed up with some pole caught skimmers.

Result: 1. D Cardwell 47-14; 2. C Yarrow 43-7; 3. B Owen 32-11; 4. D Pearson 28-0; 5. T Wooton 20-13; 6. S Scott 18-15.

Fighting Cocks AC, Rawmarsh, Fleets Dam: Various permutations of legered pellets dominated the leading weights at Fleets with Neil Owen coming out on top with seven carp to 5lb caught on method feeder and straight lead cast towards the middle at Peg 29. Phil Snowden was best of the rest, also on method feeder.

Result: 1. N Owen 28-6; 2. P Snowdon 23-6; 3. G Parker 20-1; 4. P Davis 15-14; 5. S Ellis 15-13; 6. S Owen 13-10-8.

Woodseats AC, Lodge Farm Fisheries, Field Pond: Both Pete Stanley and Paul Gorman caught short on meat with Paul Gorman also fishing down the edge but using worm.

Result: 1. P Stanley 76-5; 2. P Gorman 57-2; 3. D Sayles 56-6; 4. P Donnelley 55-1; 5. E Fogg 54-11; 6. R Willis 51-14.

Garnett Dickinson AC, Messingham Sands, Swan Pond (secretary’s venue rating: 9/10, booked 25 pegs, given whole lake): Chris Bentley had a busy time catching carp as he recorded a personal best match weight and set a club record on bomb and pellet at Peg 57. Second placed Tommy Mcgrath scored his first ever ton weight.

Result: 1. C Bentley 180-4; 2. T McGrath 111-10; 3. M Shaw 98-4; 4. D Challinor 73-12; 5. L Chadwick 59-10; 6. R Ward 57-3.

West End AC Sheffield, Ranskill Lakes Match Lake: Fishing with West End for the first time, Barrie Moat romped home and could have had a lot more fish had he not broken his rod half way through the match. Fishing bread on top plus chopped worm and caster at top two plus two, he had 40lb of silvers and over 100 lb of carp.

Result: 1. B Moat 147-14; 2. C Pridmore 79-12; 3. P Cryer 56-4; 4. R Wilkin 50-14; 5. D Upton 31-5; 6. T Stone 30-5.