Green Un anglers championship

keith hill had a fabulous net of ide
keith hill had a fabulous net of ide
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Hind AC’s season opener was won by Keith Hill with a fabulous net of ide at Side Farm Fishery.

Fishing pellet and paste four feet deep at nine metres he caught from start to finish.

There was a great battle for second place between three anglers but Steve Lambley had done enough on maggot feeder in the early stages to cling on.

Result: 1. K Hill 92-2; 2. S Lambley 52-0; 3. B Gregory 48-8; 4. A Coultas 46-4; 5. D Czajkowski 33-5; 6. D Johnson 24-6 .

Arnies AC, Lowfield: Rising temperatures and corner pegs go together like strawberries and cream at Wimbledon. Malcolm Saxton was corner man at Lowfield catching ide on maggot at close range early on before switching across to the far margin for carp. Spare a thought for Brian Searles who lost four big carp on light tackle while trying to catch ide. Each smashed him up in the island reeds with the final one breaking his pole leaving him no choice but to strip off and go in after it.

Result: 1. M Saxton 33-2; 2. R Foster 27-5; 3. B Searles 18-3; 4. D Herring 12-8; 5. P Shaw 12-6; 6. P Hattersley 10-4.

Highgate AC, Messingham Sands, Swan Pond: Shaun Sanders was on fire at Messingham taking more than 220 pounds of carp to 15lbs on bomb and pellet at Peg 12 to leave two other ton-up catches trailing in his wake.

Result: 1. S Sanders 220-4; 2. A Chipchase 160-2; 3. J Feast 110-6; 4. M Day 68-11; 5. R Fowler 66-13; 6. G Dawson 64-9.

Homestead AC, Barnburgh Lakes, Middle Pond: After a slow start Pete Spooner steadily drew a feeding response from F1 carp and began building an unassailable lead. Fishing shallow at 13 metres with hard pellet on peg 14 he blew away the competition.

Result: 1. P Spooner 129-10; 2. M Dodson 101-11; 3. A Beighton 96-11; 4. R Brown 61-0; 5. P Mullet 56-0; 6. P Thomas 54-10.

Princess Royal AC, Grange Farm, Fishlake: After years of trying Dave Schofield finally won his first match with the Royal taking full advantage of an end peg draw. By fishing down the arm to an empty peg he took carp to 6lb steadily building a weight that nearly tripled that of his nearest challenger, Andy Havenhand.

The winds were so strong on the day that some keepnets were actually blown out of the water and made bait presentation nigh on impossible for the majority of anglers.

Result: 1. D Schofield 75-12; 2. A Havenhand 26-14; 3. S Scott 20-10; 4. L White 20-1; 5. J Lee 19-8.

Garnett Dickinson AC, Wath, Lowfields: Former England youth international Scott Graham was not exactly flavour of the month when he left half the field’s worm and caster supply on his garage floor the previous week but at least he managed to claw back a little credibility in the club’s latest match by remembering the bait and then winning at a canter with ide and skimmers from Peg 20 on difficult day when the fish were less than obliging for most.

Result: 1. S Graham 38-15; 2. M Shaw 29-8 ;3. T Mcgrath 26-10; 4. C Bentley 24-0; 5. M Rotherforth 23-12; 6. R Coxon 23-4.

Noah Ark AC Sheffield, Lodge Farm Fishery, Long Island Lake: 1. Pete Gosney 110-14; 2. K Turner 62-12; 3. I Charlesworth 42-4; 4. R Derrett 35-14; 5. B Moat 33-11; 6. J Brotherton 24-5.