Video: Sheffield schoolgirl gymnast Elise Bickley - aged 13 - tumbles to glory in international competition

Elise Bickley
Elise Bickley
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Sheffield schoolgirl Elise Bickley doesn’t have a gymnastics background, but always enjoyed leaping over the furniture at home!

Now the 13-year-old has gained international fame by storming to the women’s title in a prestigious tournament in Sweden.

She won the adult women’s title in the Parkour/Free Air Whipp Challenge in Helsingborg - her first international event.

And she became the youngest winner on record of the competition regarded as one of the biggest in the world.

Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle training.

Participants aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment without equipment to assist and in the fastest and most officient way possible.

Elise Bickley during the video which won her entry to the competition

Elise Bickley during the video which won her entry to the competition

Elise finished the first of her two runs in the top six, and she went on to take ther title after a nerve-racking second run.

Her mother Penny said: “Elise was shocked but delighted to have done well and described the day on her Instagram as ‘the best day of my life’.

“Since the competition her Instagram following has exceeded 11,000.”

To enter the Air Wipp competition she had to submit a video of her doing Parkour outside and Elise chose the Sheffield city centre streets.

From that she qualified to go to Sweden and was put in the women’s category.

After her initial fun gymnastics at home Elise joined Sheffield’s Steel City Gymnastics club. The High Stoors pupil from Meadowhead met other Parkour competitors there.

“They inspired her and introduced her to Team Katalyst gym in Rotherham, where she now does most of her training,” said Mrs Bickley.

“They have been immensely supportive and have sought out opportunities for her to meet other international Parkour athletes and sign posted her to competitions.

“She doesn’t have a gymnastics background but has always been very keen on jumping on the furniture at home!”