Sheffield sportsman helps Team GB to silver medal and promotion

Caleb, centre with his  GB team mates
Caleb, centre with his GB team mates
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A Sheffield man is making a name for himself in goalball, the only Paralympic sport designed specifically for the visually impaired.

Caleb Nanevie, aged 23, of Gleadless, is a member of the Team GB men’s squad which won a silver medal in the IBSA European B Championship in Portugal, clinching promotion to the European A League.

Caleb, who is part of the Northern All Stars talent development squad, said: “We knew that this was going to be a challenge, having only been in the B League for a year. I’m so proud to be part of this squad and what we’ve achieved.”

The sport was originally developed to rehabilitate of soldiers after WWII and has been enjoying a surge in support and participation, especially after its popularity at London 2012.

Goalball is played with raised markings on the floor, the ball containing internal bells so players locate it by sound.

It is played with blindfolds to ensure people with all levels of visual impairment can join in - but this also means that sighted people can take up the challenge.

And now, South Yorkshire Goalball club are taking part in a national drive to get more sighted people involved.

There is a free session on Monday (Oct 17) 5-7pm All Saints Sports Centre (Goals), 95 Norfolk Park Road, Sheffield, S2 2RU. An optional meeting point will be at Granville Road tram stop at 4.30pm.

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