Shane Beard’s Ask the Trainer Column: We’re all our own worst critics... give yourself a chance to shine!

Personal trainer Shane Beard, who runs B-Fit UK Personal Training
Personal trainer Shane Beard, who runs B-Fit UK Personal Training
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I’m sat drinking ice cold beer, on a sun lounger in Portugal, whilst writing this column for you lucky folks...

Sat thinking of all my mistakes. Yet never, ever do I think of my achievements!

And this is one of the main problems with how the minds of the people work.

We are all our own worse critic. You see, we naturally come down on our selves hard. We always think the worse of our selves.

Always question - was our best good enough?

Yet we never, in our own minds, say ‘Well done... you did really well there’. Be it a sporting event, a new hobby or even a difficult situation.

With accepting what is, comes peace of mind in all situations. Life becomes enjoyable. Uncertainness become a distant memory.

Conflict becomes irrelevant. At this point you feel alive!

I, too, am guilty of this. It’s taken me to have spent nine solid days with my family, in a different country, and particularly with my son, to realise it myself.

Here’s a great way to make sure you don’t get wrapped up in life. Grab a pen and write down what your perfect day consists of, stick it to the fridge and make sure you do it at least once every two weeks!

Life will seem so much more enjoyable that way.

Kind regards,