Shane Beard’s Ask the Trainer column: Summer bodies are made in winter - but it’s never too late to get active

Shane Beard
Shane Beard
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Well well well! It seems summer will be upon us a lot quicker than we realised... And all the people that started training in JANUARY are a good 10-12 weeks in front of you all!

But don’t panic just yet... there’s still another 12 weeks to get stuck in!

By the way - I’m not just talking about getting a six pack.

I’m talking about getting moving!

It doesn’t matter what you do... start walking, jogging or running; take up a new sport as a hobby. Organise a family sports day. Go swimming, join a health club or, if you’re really committed, get a personal trainer.

It doesn’t just have to be hitting the biceps and triceps... there is an endless amount of activities to get your teeth into, which are all great for your health.

I particularly recommend getting on the Activity Sheffield website and having a look what’s going on near you.

Now for the summer food, and my favourite bit... Plenty of fresh fruit!

I’m taking massive fruit platters, fruit cocktails, fruit kebabs... the whole nine yards. I want to see plenty of fresh water with mint and cucumber and lime ran through it

Barbecues galore...with fresh meats. Jacket potatoes wrapped in tin foil that you leave in the bottom of the coals

Get out in the sunshine (but remember your sunblock) as it works wonders for stress relief and depression. And more importantly, have some you time. Because if you can’t you after you... You definitely can’t look after anyone else!