Four major titles in 10 months for Sheffield Thai boxer Tyler Hourihan

Tyler Hourihan
Tyler Hourihan
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Eight-year-old Woodthorpe schoolboy Tyler Hourihan, a Thai boxing and K1 prodigy from Sheffield Dragons Thai Boxing, is celebrating after winning his fourth title in just 10 months of competing.

He is now the WTKA 4X unified world champion, intercontinental champion, British champion and European Champion.

His latest triumph was the European event where he faced Kai, a much bigger and far more experienced firghter from Holland.

He had to learn a new style of fighting as the contest was fought in Dutch-styke K1.

But he adapted to the challenge and beat Kai on points.

His father, Sheffield Dragons trainer Peter Hourihan, said: “I’ve never been so proud of him, seeing him competing at that level, showing immense courage and bravery.

“Just getting in the ring in front of hundreds of people is terrifying, but not for Tyler,

“He turns into a monster and performs the walk out like the champ he is.

“But the highlight of the fight was at the end, both lads hugged each other to show respect regardless of who won, even though they do not speak the same language.

“Even so, when Tyler’s hand went up he walked up to his opponent and lifted his hand up too.”

* Dragons invite anyone interested in sponsoring Tyler in his fights all over Europe to please contact peterhourihan@outlook.com