86-year-old veterans Mike Chadwick and Brian Stokes play on as Sheffield’s Hallam Grange Tennis Club goes from strength to strength

Mike Chadwick, left, and  and Brian Stokes, 86-year-old tennis players at Hallam Grange
Mike Chadwick, left, and and Brian Stokes, 86-year-old tennis players at Hallam Grange
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If watching Wimbledon has made you think about picking up a racquet, then take inspiration from two 86-year-olds!

Mike Chadwick and Brian Stokes are still playing weekly at Hallam Grange Lawn Tennis Club in Fulwood.

Mike has played tennis since he was 19, and joined the club 52 years ago, having previously played at Rustlings and Hangingwater Clubs.

He played in the local league for 50 years, remembering the days of sit down teas, wooden racquets and long white trousers. Mike believes tennis is great as you can play all your life and at all levels.

Brian started playing at the age of 20 on leaving the services, and joined the club in 1974, having previously been playing in the parks league.

He remembers his and Mike’s first match together back in 1974. They played for the first team against Hangingwater. Unfortunately they lost and were not picked together for the first team again!

They both love playing tennis as it not only keeps them fit but also provides great social opportunities as they can turn up on either of the clubs twice weekly social mornings and there is always someone for a game.

Currently there are over 100 children receiving coaching from head coach Sam Low.

These kids may one day be the Andy and Johannas or Mike and Brians of the future. 

The club also fields junior and senior teams in the Sheffield and District Leagues, with the Men’s Second team winning promotion this season.

If you are inspired to see what it is all about, then visit Hallam Grange Tennis Club during their open day as part of the LTA’s Great British Tennis Weekend, this Saturday 22nd July 13:00-16:00.

The club is also part of the Summer Saver Membership Scheme where 6 weeks membership this summer will cost only £30 per household.

* Contact info@hallamgrange.co.uk or go to the website https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/hallamgrange.