Who will be first to catch their dream?

Go west: Lee Westwood hopes to win his first major at the US Open
Go west: Lee Westwood hopes to win his first major at the US Open
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WITH Lee Westwood currently hitting a little white ball about in pursuit of his dream, Andy Murray is preparing to bash some slightly bigger yellow ones in pursuit of his. So, it begs the question: which of them will be the first to chase that dream and catch it?

Will Worksop’s finest win a major before the boy from Dunblane makes it as a Grand Slam winner? Westwood is 39 so perhaps he’d better win one, sharpish.

Surely he will but if four more majors slip away this year while in such phenomenal form, then you do start to wonder. In different ways it’s harder for each man. There are any number of likely winners for a golf major. Often, somebody unfancied has a magic few days and wins.

Murray is one of a group of four from whom you would expect the Wimbledon winner to come, this year anyway. Rather like Tim Henman found with Sampras and then Federer, there’s an all-time great in the way. For Murray it’s been Federer, then Nadal and now we have Djokovic, who is better than anybody else this year.

So, Murray is likely to have to beat two of those three if he’s going to do it. You need luck too.

Rain stopped Henman winning his semi-final 10 years ago against Ivanisevic, a point the Croatian acknowledged himself this week (bad luck that mirrored that of Sheffield’s Roger Taylor in his 1973 semi-final when he was leading eventual champion Jan Kodes and poised to win until rain interrupted. It proved a different game when they resumed.)

I’ve always thought Murray would better Henman’s Wimbledon record so that will mean reaching the final. But even should he win the thing, middle England won’t embrace him as they did Henman. Yes, he’s a much better player than that nice Tim, but they can’t warm to what they deem a miserable persona.

Remember “C’mon Tim”?. They held up a banner of support last Sunday that said “C’mon Murray”. Surname usage to keep that Scottish misery in his place.

So, Westwood first or Murray? I don’t know but genuinely reckon both will win at least one somewhere, sometime.

It’s one of the great delights of an English summer for cricket watchers. Get the picnic out, lovely cup of tea, nice sandwich, a tasty bun.

But not for the shocked supporters following Elsecar Cricket Club last Saturday at Abbeydale Park.

“You can’t eat your own food here,” they were told. Enough for someone to choke on their cucumber sandwich or, as they were from Barnsley, a nice bit of pork pie or black pudding.

What? A cricket match and you can’t eat your own food and drink your own, home-made tea? The supporters cooked up an official complaint. The South Yorkshire League had a hot potato to deal with.

They asked for feedback from the host club, Sheffield Collegiate. It turns out it was a one-off situation and out of the club’s control.

There was a hockey tournament being staged at Abbeydale; they had booked the place and the catering arrangements meant no consumption of your own food. The club says there will be no problem eating your own ‘snap’ there in future.

At least until the next hockey tournament!