The 144th Open: Westwood’s sarcastic twitter commentary as wind halts play

The 144th Open has been suspended due to high winds at St Andrews.

It’s the second lengthy delay in proceedings this weekend, and has left the chances of a Sunday finish up in the air.

Lee Westwood, who played for around 30 minutes this morning, has yet to play the final three holes of his second round.

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The Worksop golfer has been whiling away the downtime with somewhat sarcastic tweets about what must be a frustrating situation for the players, organisers and spectators.

He said: “The announcement at 9 on a decision was that there is no decision other that there will be another decision at 10. And repeat every hour!”

And followed that up an hour later with: “Surprise surprise. The announcement at 10 on a decision is that there will be another announcement at 11. Repeat until 4 o’clock.”

Florida-resident Westwood also seemed disgruntled that play was halted on the 11th hole this morning while he and other golfers were expected to play on a little longer.

The course became unplayable when golf balls were blown around on the greens.

Westwood is three under for the tournament.