YOUR RESPONSE: Nine things you don’t see at a football ground anymore

Yesterday we delved into football nostalgia with this list of nine things you never see at football matches any more.

Our original list read:

1) Numbered scoreboards where you had to buy a programme to find out what the match was for scores.

2) Inflatable bananas.

3) Chalk boards with the winning raffle numbers on being carried around the ground.

4) Cars parked around the pitch.

5) Rattles.

6) Journalists with notepads.

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7) Goalposts with metal rear stanchions that would sometimes make it look like the ball had hit the post rather than gone in.

8) Twenty-two players with black boots.

9) Standing up at many grounds.

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But our readers have replied with even more . .

Keith Gatland had his own list:

1) English Football players

2) Shirts numbered 1 to 11

3) Shirts without sponsors/names on back

4) Crowd atmosphere - less singing

5) Strong, legal tackles

6) Too many silly yellow cards

7) Did I already say English football players?

Non-League fan Rob Hornby pointed out:

No.3: You will still often find the odd chalk board round non-League grounds for the raffle

No.5: Rattles - when I was at Arnold Town FC as club shop manager in the mid 1990s, I actually had a wooden yellow and blue rattle sent to me and I was going to order 50.

The Nottingham Evening Post covered the story that Arnold Town were to ‘rattle on to success’ as at the time they were top of the Northern Counties East League.

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Two days after the newspaper feature, I received a letter from the Notts Constabuary stating that they were a offensive weapon and if they were used in or outside the ground, I could be charged for providing them basically, so we never ordered any!

No.9: Standing up is a feature at the majority of non-League grounds.

He also added three of his own -

10) Not many grounds that are all covered - how delightful it would be to stand watching a match in the Kop end of a ground and getting soaked or the snow hitting you.

11) The people that used to walk round the sand bit of the pitch selling popcorn, pop etc in their white hats.

12) Players that have a sense of humour on the pitch.

Among comments and suggestions via facebook were:

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Plastic cushions to sit on – My great uncles used to hire them at Carrow Road in the early 70s and then sometimes throw them onto the pitch in disgust at the end of the game. As a little girl I can remember thinking it was a bit naughty to throw things like that.

Being able to stand but, even better, changing ends at half-time – one of the things I love most about non-League football.

Honesty – players not trying to cheat or fool the ref.

Kids carrying boxes/crates to stand on to get a view of the pitch from the terraces.

Orange balls for bad weather before undersoil heating when only the lines were visible.

Bring back bobble hats!

Have you any more to add? Let us know via [email protected].