Wednesday’s world of woe on t’interweb

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busy week on the web, so let’s get straight into it with Sheffield Wednesday boss Gary Megson taking some stick for criticising the breaking of Jermain Johnson’s injury on a fans’ forum.

cardiffowl06 said on OwlsTalk: “Dear club, put your effort and time into something useful other than leaks. This is getting ridiculous.

“Sign a striker, do your job and get promoted. Thanks, Frustrated fans.”

NorthernOwl suggest some reverse psychology: “Quick someone start a thread saying we are definitely signing Koumas and Dyer. That should scare Rochdale as they trawl through Owlstalks looking for tips on how to beat us on Saturday...”

While the orginal poster of the information, De Bilde, decided to cover his tracks: “Just (to) put the facts straight: I don’t work for SWFC. I was text by a friend saying the info about JJ. I have no idea where they get their information from but they are not the sort of people to just send tickle tackle out. I was assuming that the information would be released by the club later that day, but I would start the debate before, of how we would set up without him. I can only apologise to the club and Gary (Megson).”

Brisco Inferno thought the Owls should embrace the interweb just a little bit more: “Dear GM (Gary Megson), Use the technology to your advantage. Maybe if someone at the club had Googled Alfreton we may not have lost 14-0?”

The drubbing at Alfreton saw Wednesday trending on Twitter for a time.

From The Crossed Blades forum, Vamps, said: “If Carlsberg did football results...”

While Brett on The Star’s story of the match commented: “Blunts can grunt as much as they want. Blah Blah Blah you lost 14-0. Erm no we didn’t the academy boys team did!! Lol. Doesn’t look good for the future though. Oh my.”

Finally, one to draw both Sheffield clubs together was the news that The Star’s ‘Give Sid the Ball’ campaign had worked. horseman of the apocalypse said: “Great news, as a Blade I supported this and am glad it will now happen. There are many things rotten in the game these days so this is a glimpse of sunshine through the clouds.”

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