We are not buying success: moneybags City

Read all about it: UK national newspapers review.
Read all about it: UK national newspapers review.
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What today’s papers are saying:

THE TIMES: Tottenham Hotspur are battling to keep Jermain Defoe after the forward complained about his lack of playing opportunities this season. ALSO: A week that began with one of Manchester United’s most celebrated players making a wholly unexpected comeback looks set to end with one of their most promising, but troubled, prospects seemingly on his way out of the club.

DAILY TELEGRAPH: Arsene Wenger has claimed that some rival Premier League clubs are obtaining an unfair advantage in the fixture schedule because of the influence they exert on television companies. ALSO: A private investigator retained by Tottenham Hotspur who obtained West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady’s telephone records at the height of the Olympic Stadium bidding process has been arrested on suspicion of fraud offences.

THE INDEPENDENT: Arsene Wenger has launched an astonishing attack on the Premier League’s fixture scheduling, accusing clubs of asserting influence on television broadcasters to their own benefit. ALSO: Sir Alex Ferguson was at odds with his prodigious 18-year-old midfielder Ravel Morrison last night, after declaring that the club have made a contract offer to a player who now seems to be lost to Manchester United.

THE GUARDIAN: Jermain Defoe’s agent has told Tottenham Hotspur that the striker wants to move in this transfer window because he is not in Harry Redknapp’s first team. ALSO: Andre Villas-Boas’s diagnosis was brutally honest. Chelsea have not written off a title challenge just yet, their faith fuelled by the stumbles being endured by some of those above them, but there is an acceptance that, up to now, they have hindered themselves.

DAILY EXPRESS: Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has hit out at the Premier League’s “unfair” fixture list and claimed “we have sold our souls to television”. ALSO: David Platt has hit back at Harry Redknapp’s claim that Manchester City have tried to buy their way to the Premier League title.

DAILY MAIL: Arsene Wenger has sensationally accused rival Barclays Premier League clubs of influencing television stations to doctor the fixture list. ALSO: Joe Cole has received a letter from the FA asking if he will be available to represent Great Britain’s Olympic football team at the London 2012 Games.

DAILY MIRROR: Gary Cahill is finally on his way to Chelsea in a £7million deal - after 17 days of agonising. ALSO: Ranting Arsene Wenger has accused the Premier League of letting the fixture list conspire against Arsenal.

DAILY STAR: Ravel Morrison is a shock target of European champions Barcelona. ALSO: Amir Khan last night vowed to win back the two world titles he controversially lost last month.