We all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds...(continue at will)

The rantings of a confused old footy fan
The rantings of a confused old footy fan
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Here at The Star, we get all sorts of people wanting to write columns for us.

This guy...well he’s something different.

Nazi flag

Nazi flag

See what you make of Norman, a football writer with a difference. A big difference. Is he funny, or just weird?

“I’m Norman Munter.

I am opinionated, arrogant, egotistical and football bonkers.

Which makes me the perfect person to write about football. After all, it didn’t do Robbie Savage much harm.

Why Radio Sheffield’s Football Heaven don’t have me on regularly I’ll never know. I speak so much cobblers I should be on every night.

Any road, I don’t have a good word to say about much.

But I am fond of football teams in South Yorkshire.

Or to put it another way I really dislike all football clubs further than 30 miles from my house.

Which is handy because about 35 miles from my house is Leeds United, and like everybody else I know, I dislike them more than any team in the history of the game.

They are worse even than Leicester City, who gave Robbie Savage more game-time than any other team.

Anyway, back to my pet project. Disliking Leeds United.

I guess it dates back to the Don Revie days, when people like Billy Bremner and Johnny Giles used to kick lumps out of opponents .

Years ago, when Leeds started falling down the league table and disappearing from sight, it was a nice feeling.

But I started to get a bit worried when they strung some decent Championship results together, winning five out of six.

Premier League clubs must have started to feel queasy.

Thankfully they nose-dived 2-0 at Brighton.

But it wasn’t that result which has put a big smile on my chops.

Nor the story I read on Talk Sport’s website about Leeds being the seventh most disliked club the country. Only seventh?

No, it was the story of a Leeds fan living in Doncaster.

He upset locals by flying a Nazi swastika on a flagpole outside his house.

He’d bought it on the internet, saying he had no idea what it meant

HA! Fabulous. I love it.

How to make friends and influence people. Very Leeds United.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I also saw actor Russell Crowe wondering aloud whether it would be a good idea to buy Leeds.

Did you fall on your head during those combat scenes in Gladiator, Russ?

Ah well, I’ve had my (tongue in cheek) rant for this week.

Here’s hoping Watford, who put Rotherham to the sword midweek, give Leeds a good tonking this weekend.

*Do you hate Leeds as much as me? Or is it just me? I am crackers? Let me know.”