Video: They think it’s all over again but Germans take glory this time in Sheffield and at world’s oldest club

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The scoreline looks familiar… It was only a glorified football stag-do, a lads birthday weekend away with beer, belly laughs and arms-in-the-air singing. But there were 400 of them.

The German football fans, mostly from Cologne, who turned up to pay homage to Sheffield FC on Saturday were a bit special according to those who came across them - and a lot did.

The German football fans in full voice at the Coach and Horses ground

The German football fans in full voice at the Coach and Horses ground

Twitter has footage of them singing in the Peace Gardens and at FC’s Coach and Horses ground in Dronfield.

Top stuff that puts us to shame in two ways.

A) We as a city and a country don’t make enough of the world’s two oldest football clubs Sheffield FC (1857), Hallam FC (1860) and our football heritage.

B) Our fans can’t always be relied upon to behave - though the vast majority are of course fine.

So what was it all about?

“We got an email in December asking if a group of fans could visit from Cologne on March 26,” said Sheffield FC Chairman Richard Tims.

“A lad called Max emailed to say they wanted to come over to celebrate someone’s birthday but I pointed out to them that we were away at Kidsgrove that day.

“So they asked if they could have a fans v fans game, which we thought was a great idea”.

The Germans did their best to drink the Coach and Horses dry and later peacefully took over city centre boozers with their songs and, by all accounts, good humour.

They finished at the Washington on Fitzwilliam Street from where they were taken by coaches at midnight to the ferry home.

Sheffield FC gets regular global pilgrimages - last Monday when the Chairman got to work there were five Norwegian visitors waiting in the rain, Brazilians the week before etc.

To crown a great weekend South Yorkshire Police reported no incidents at the game (although at least one smoke flare was set off) and none in town afterwards.

There were also unconfirmed reports of the German fans serenading a Town Hall wedding at which former Home Secretary and Sheffield MP David Blunkett was present.

The final score in the game? 4-2 to the English.

You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

Thanks and auf wiedersehen pets.