This is why this local 12-year-old could be the most honest footballer in the UK

This could be Britain's most honest footballer.

By Bob Westerdale
Friday, 12 April, 2019, 15:04
Harrison Glossop

Global stars of the game would do well to take a leaf out of 12-year-old Harrison Glossop's book.

Harrison had been playing for his local club at Westfield, Sheffield, when a team-mate shot the ball wide of goal and out of play.

The ball struck a tyre at the rear of the goal frame and instantly pinged back on to the pitch.

The referee mistakenly thought the ball had rebounded off the post for a Brinsworth Whitehill player to fire into the back of the net. He awarded a goal.

But fair-minded Harrison, a Year 8 pupil at Brinsworth Academy, saw injustice had been done.

"I went over to the ref and told him it had gone out and come back in off the wheel" explained the midfielder.

Harrison Glossop

"He heard what I said and then went: 'Ok' and ruled it out," said the young Sheffield Wednesday fan.

"We were smashing them (Sheffield Steelers U13s) and it was the sportsmanlike thing to do and I think I'd do it again. It felt good, pretty much."

The Cup semi-final referee Gary Crossley commended Harrison to Sheffield and Hallamshire FA for his honesty, saying: "That to me epitomised the sportsmanship on show."

And the Steelers’ opposition also applauded the rival player - whose favourite Owls star is Barry Bannan.

Harrison Glossop. Picture Scott Merrylees

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They wrote to the FA saying: "I'm not sure the players really realise the significance of such a gesture, they tend to shrug it off as business as usual but it certainly meant a lot to our team."

Whitehill manager Vicky Doyle said: "It was a nice gesture and all of our players supported Harrison for what he did - I was proud of our whole team for their attitude.

"Harrison is very passionate about football and winning, which makes what he did all the more amazing.

"We have got promoted this season and that is a nice way of rewarding everyone who has played for us.

Harrison Glossop after his honest deed.

"Our kids have been amazing. At one point we had to drop down to 10 players because of injuries and they still did well."

Harrison’s mum and dad Gemma and Nick were delighted with the praise for their boy, who cannot make his mind up whether he wants to be a footballer or a policeman when he grows up.

"He is a very honest young man" said Gemma.

"Harrison has been on the receiving end of big defeats before and it can be soul-destroying. It was something he felt he just had to do."

A younger Harrison Glossop
Harrison Glossop, pictured with his team mates at Brinsworth Whitehill U13s. Picture Scott Merrylees
Harrison Glossop