The Green ‘Un Online: Live news, reports and more

The Green 'Un now online
The Green 'Un now online
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The Star Green Un, back this season but now online, will be bringing you full match reports and more.

For regular live updates check out our new Green Un Live Talk page - with tweets by our football experts. You’ll get team news, action and live score updates - CLICK HERE.

Also tweet us your views - follow The Green Un on Twitter @StarGreenUn, also follow The Star’s Sheffield United Twitter account @TheStarBlades and our Sheffield Wedesday account @TheStarOwls.

We also have the addition of a new Green Un section on our web site - visit The Green Un section - CLICK HERE,

You can also read every page of The Green Un for FREE using our amazing page turning technology. The latest edition will be available on our web site every Saturday evening, usually before 6.30pm, in our Digital Editions section - CLICK HERE.

It’s also available on our amazing FREE tablet app, available for most devices, including the iPad, many Android web browsers and the Kindle Fire.

FREE TABLET APP DOWNLOAD: All the links you need are here at the bottom of The Star subscription page - CLICK HERE.

Once you’ve got the app, launch it and look in the Archive section. Find Saturday’s paper and click on it - to reveal The Green Un as one of our supplements. Click on The Green Un image to open and read it, like a newspaper,

We will also be publishing match reports, news, features and more, with video and audio extras to follow, on our regular web site. The Green ‘Un has its own pages on The Star’s online sports section here


You can also follow all our Green ‘Un and other football coverage by browsing our web site on your smartphone. The best experience, to ease the navigation, is by using The Star Football App, available for iPhones and android phones. It’s also free.

DOWNLOAD iPHONE VERSION: Apple iPhone users should navigate here on their device and download the free app from iTunes using this link - CLICK HERE.

DOWNLOAD ANDROID VERSION: Android smartphone users should download our free app using this link- CLICK HERE.

If you have any difficulty finding it, search for The Star Football App at either the Apple Apps Store or on Google and download from there.