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SOUTH Yorkshire football fans have waded into the handshake debate.

Luis Suarez has again found himself in the spotlight after ignoring United captain Patrice Evra’s outstretched hand before Manchester United’s 2-1 ill-tempered win over Liverpool.

The match was Suarez’s first start since completing his eight-match ban for racially abusing French international Evra in the reverse fixture at Anfield in October.

After the game incensed United manager Sir Alex Ferguson branded the striker a “disgrace to Liverpool Football Club” adding that he should never play for them again.

paulSheff9, on, has posted: “What a great example Manchester United and Liverpool are setting. They are the two most successful clubs in British football with no doubt further success to come. They are looked up to by the youth of this country and we should look to them to set an example to our youth of how to behave. So what do they do? They behave like five-year-old brats who could do with there backsides smacking.

“The FA should ban those who don’t shake hands until they publically do shake hands. Ferguson should keep his own house in order and not tell his rivals who they should sell or buy.”

Canadablade echoed his sentiments, saying: “Suarez should have shook his hand and that might have been the end of it but what Evra did at the end was also bringing the game into disrepute.

“Kick them both out of football; you would never see such behaviour back in the old days.”

However, ghost rider argued: “Why do we have to have players shaking hands before the match any how? Quite clearly some players don’t like each other even if they play in the same team Even if they had shook hands clearly they don’t mean it ,so why bother?”

EspFil added: “So because Suarez doesn’t shake hands he should be kicked out of football? Okay, lets add Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Wayne Bridge to the list.”