The best of this week’s sport on the web by Richard Fidler

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the swings and roundabouts of League One football have been in full playtime mode over the past week.

Sheffield United have emerged as the most likely to challenge Charlton at the top of the table and Wednesday have almost lost hope of seeing wing wizard Ben Marshall back in a blue and white shirt.

The concern at losing loan players has been enough to exercise Handsworth to make this point on “This is always a big worry for managers. When you have people on loan you can never never really plan ahead. It is almost a bad idea to have to keep switching as players get to know their colleagues’ movements. Not fair to Ben as he seems to know where he wants to be but has no choice.”

Irish thinks a bid for Marshall would reap a benefit over the years for the Owls: “No doubt he would be a long term signing who could, if we go up, play in the Championship. Signing him for money would also be a massive signal that we actually do want to go up and compete! Megson has been brilliant this year, he needs backing.”

Who will fill the void on the left hand side of midfield at Hillsborough? Kojam isn’t confident any of the current squad can do the job: “Recruit from within? Ridiculous! I really hope he ain’t seriously considering JJ or Sedgwick to replace Marshall? I have no faith in those two whatsoever.”

Over at Sheffield 2 Donny Blades has an opinion about whether James Beattie has done enough to earn an extended stay: “Would be nice to see Beattie play a full 90 minutes! I don’t know how they can make a decision on signing him up without it! If he’s not good enough to start week in, week out there’s no point bringing him in.”

With a top-of-the-table clash at Charlton today, Manorblade thinks the Blades can win: “The Blades are better equipped to play them now than they were earlier in the season, but they have yet to play full on for 90 minutes, something they will need to do to beat Charlton. The Blades will get better and better with each game but I feel it may be a couple of games too early; it’s too close to call.”

Red and White Wizards sees it very clearly: “I am very optimistic, somebody has to beat Charlton at home this year, why not us?”

Finally Ldn Rd Blade says of recent transfer speculation: “A creative midfielder in the Wednesday side would just end up with a sore neck.”