The best of this week’s sport on the web by Richard Fidler

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A SHEFFIELD double on Saturday keeps both the Owls and the Blades high in the League One table.

Understandably, in amongst the playful ‘banter’ on, there were happy fans from both sides of the divide.

Flightowl said: “Another crucial result, sounds like we had a but of assistance from the ref: these things even up, so it’s good we have a small breathing space, at least until next week’s showdown.”

Handsworth added: “It is too early to start prophesying but the future based on the last half dozen results looks bright.”

OneDavidHirst had this advice: “Time for us to start being nasty now, starting with recalling Beevers from MK Dons. This story about Huddersfield buying Marshall is also a joke. If Stoke are daft enough to let him go it will be a Championship club he goes to. If he stays in League One then there’s no way he’ll go to Huddersfield over us. Their bubble has burst, our star is rising simple as. Absolutely cannot wait for next Saturday, the last 15 years are starting to seem like a bad dream.”

Unitedites were equally as chipper. Silverblade held hands across the city with this: “Keep it going, both teams automatic promotion, both on excellent runs at the moment. Onward and upwards both of them.”

Aughton blade was pleased with his Saturday afternoon’s viewing: “Can only get better at the lane, nice to see all 11 players were ours today and no loans, makes a refreshing change! That said Rochdale are a poor poor side.”

Ldn Rd Blade was thanking one man - the big man: “Good win Blades, didn’t play particularly well but the result was never in doubt. Thank God for Ched.”

Meanwhile on Twitter little known facts about Owls’ midfield enforcer Jose Semedo began taking over people’s timelines. Started by walkers1867, with this one of his earliest offerings: “Did you know Jose Semedo had a part in Star Wars, he was the force #JoseSemedoFacts.”

It went on all weekend.

Victoria1867 posted: “#JoseSemedoFacts Jose Semedo IS the X Factor.”

Rich_Ironside contributed: “José Semedo could defend against Stoke’s long throws all season. On his own. #josesemedofacts.”

And shepaldinho revealed: “Neil Armstrong arrived on the moon in 1969 and found Jose Semedo waiting there for him #JoseSemedoFacts.”

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