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loans are all the rage these days in League One.

Players come in, players go out. But there’s been a couple of important figures in the fortunes of the Blades and the Owls who have been exercising our correspondents on the message boards.

Billy Clarke may be returning to the Lane. BladeDownSouth said on “Come back Billy. You know it makes sense.”

r&w wizards added: “Would be great to see him back.”

Dingle Dickie contributed that Danny Wilson should be looking for someone wearing Tangerine, but not Clarke: “He’s a decentish player. A real livewire who makes a nuisance of himself to the opposition’s defence. However, it’s the other guy, (Matt) Phillips, who we should really be after.”

Over at Hillsborough the debate raged about who Gary Megson would leave out from his six loan players against Oldham today.

Strigidae suggested Sanchez Watt be included in the team: “Be good to see him have a run out, somehow feel he is a more exciting prospect than JJ, which loanee will GM leave out?”

And Owler said: “Bywater will play. Llera will miss out. Jones and Batth will be the centre backs, with either Johnson or Tavernier able to move across if there was an injury. The only other possible option is for Llera to be on the bench as defensive cover and Watt to miss out.”