The best of this week’s sport on the web by Richard Fidler

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IT has taken until October but Sheffield Wednesday fans can finally say they’re above their arch-rivals after the weekend’s results.

PaulSheffield wasted no time in enjoying his Saturday evening on “Oh Dear Blunties what’s gone wrong? 70 Mill in debt the alleged 10 years of dominance (well 1 Malta Cup) destroyed on a gloriously sunny day, ah well never mind there’s a long way to go yet. Still hope they both go up but will have my moment of gloating. Up The Owls Sheffield’s NUMBER 1 TEAM!”

Steelcityblue said: “Normal Service is being resumed. Thank you Agent Danny.”

United fans were understandably less happy. Fiery Blade on gave this summation: “The first few games saw the Blades top of the league (albeit beating some very poor and average teams) and the majority of supporters lauding Wilson to the rooftops and spouting about instant promotion back to the Championship.

“The cracks started to appear when we couldn’t despatch Scunthorpe and salvaged a draw despite playing against 10 men, a lesson in finishing by Huddersfield followed by brief respite against Colchester. Then the wheels have well and truly fallen off with successive defeats to Wycombe and Charlton.”

Kenilworth added: “I fear the worst for the rest of this month. It will define the rest of the season - it’s that critical. Thing is I trust none of ‘em to deliver.”

Dingledog said: “The problem is still the same, until and unless there is some proper investment in players we will not see much change.”