Takeover deal for Chesterfield FC agreed

A Chesterfield director says a deal to sell the club has been agreed and they're now waiting on a deposit so the takeover can proceed.

Ashley Carson has told the Derbyshire Times that the change of ownership is now very close to being completed.

“We have agreed with a third party, a deal that will secure the purchase of Dave Allen’s, Mike Warner’s and my shares, giving the buyer just over 84 per cent control,” he said.

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“We have seen proof of funding and we’re now awaiting a non refundable deposit.

“That’s where we are.”

Carson says the potential buyers, rumoured to involve Chinese funding with links to South America, met with club owner Dave Allen, director John Croot and himself three months ago.

And according to the company secretary, the deal to buy the club was struck two weeks ago.

“Dave is doing everything he can to assist in the sale, he’s not being obstructive and wants to leave a legacy so he is taking a hit,” said Carson.

“He’s being very sensible.”

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The potential new owners want everything to be finalised within the January transfer window.

Carson said: “They want to get involved with the transfer window but I won’t allow anyone to speak to Jack Lester before the deposit is received.”

Should the takeover not materialise, Carson says the board will need to find new funding, whether from Allen or another source.

“The board will have to look at a different situation where money is very, very tight.

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“We have got to hope we can rely on Dave to continue to finance the club, we can’t survive this season without funding from somewhere.”

With the transfer window less than a week away and Lester in desperate need of fresh faces for his squad, Carson says he has met with the manager to discuss January’s possibilities.

“I had a meeting with Jack and have given him a budget which will allow him to bring players in.

“There’s an understanding that players will be expected to leave and that will hopefully happen over the next couple of weeks.”