Stop the season now - but make sure it’s in the papers

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THAT’S enough, stop it there.

Two wins, four goals for, none against, a big crowd at Hillsborough, one in three at Boundary Park a Blade.

Both Sheffield clubs are in the play-off spots after convincing performances meant happy clubs, a glowing Green Un front page and fans happy to talk football all Saturday night.

We ought to bottle the feeling so we can save it to drink on those depressing ‘why-do-I-bother’ days sure to come to all in those dark winter months.

Whether these are prophetic days or a dawn as false as Wayne Rooney’s hairline there is another problem that urgently needs to be solved.

Most national newspapers only carried a limited match-report service yesterday because their reporters weren’t allowed into football league grounds.

They are in dispute over how quickly a photograph from a game can be published and whether newspaper internet websites can run live, minute-by-minute reports.

The Star and other regional dailies are covered by a separate agreement - though there have been skirmishes in the past - and though that might give us an advantage it’s not something anyone around here feels that good about.

Newspapers, TV and now internet coverage of football has helped to make it the all-consuming epic it is today.

The game is bigger, faster, better and more theatrical than it has ever been, a genuine microcosm of life with all its glory, beauty and pain.

Newspapers add colour, glamour and occasionally act as cleansing agents in a game whose off the field smoke and mirrors, claim and counter-claim, tip and tap-up endlessly thrill and disappoint us.

By Saturday and the new Premier League season the greater stakes involved will have made a compromise compelling for both parties.

Let’s hope so.

We want all the big boys there to see United and Wednesday clinch their play-off places...