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The Owls steadied the ship with a much needed win and the Blades returned from Merseyside with a point. All’s happy on the web then?

Well nearly. Good football fans always want more.

At Nottsowl gasped: “Stoke lad brilliant but we still need strikers to finish the product and a winger. Batth solid we need more comunication on the pitch as they let them play. Two good strikers and a winger. They will put thousands back and more passion from the players. Oh, and bring in Mel Sterland to work with Mr Megson.”

And Derrin Zikks demanded: “Give the Millers what they are asking for - Alf. And the attendances will go straight back up. Plus whatever is paid out will soon be recuperated. If we penny pinch now we will just stay league one mid-table rubbish while smaller,more ambitious clubs overtake us and head for the “Moneyship”. Scoring away from home is still a big problem. Keep this up lads ;-D”

Bradford Owl was content: “Surprised nobody has mentioned how outstanding Semedo was. Apart from the fact he seems to be made of iron, he was all over the midfield, tight on their runners, showed skill and enough vision to knock it around. Also felt that Reda has his head on and Batth was excellent. Green shoots?”

Unitedites could afford to be happy and sad at the same time. Snakebite at said: “Would have took a draw before a ball was kicked and still undefeated so I cant complain, wonder goal from Monty but I fear the end of the month when he and Quinn will prob sold I think that’s when we`ll see how good Mr Wilson is.”

DexterMorgan thinks Wednesday fans should calm down about the Blades’ first dropped points of the season: “Anybody would think United had lost, having read some of Wendys comments, 10 points from 4 games isn’t too bad.”

We’re all from the same city after all, as PaulSheffield comments: “Well done Blunts from an Owl good start to the season still stand by what I said before the season kicked off I want both sides promoted. We still need a couple of more players but I’m confident we will be up there...”

Finally, this from @GraceSUFC on Twitter: “I can’t stop watching Monty’s goal! I feel like such a proud father.”

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