'˜Sometimes we can maybe be a little over the top but we want to be ready'

Martin Allen, right, addresses the press conference.Martin Allen, right, addresses the press conference.
Martin Allen, right, addresses the press conference.
Adrian Whitbread makes no apologies for Chesterfield's relentless attitude to preparation for the new season.

The assistant manager has been putting everything in place so the Spireites can hit the ground running.

“I’ve been getting very, very well organised for pre-season, that’s been my main remit, making sure the training ground is set up, getting the kit in, the equipment in, so that come the first day of pre-season the players have a view of how professional we are,” he said.

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“It’s probably the same as everywhere else in the country but that’s what we do.

“We’re very, very keen on making sure we’re fully prepared.”

According to Whitbread, the club’s training ground has had the attention it needed and all the Proact departments have been working together.

He admits that he and boss Martin Allen can almost be overbearing in their quest to get things right.

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“My phone doesn’t stop ringing with him, we’re always updating each other, irrespective of holidays we’ve still been working very, very strenuously,” he said.

“Sometimes we can maybe be a little over the top in the way we do prepare but we want to be ready.

“With the different departments in the club we’ve been making sure they’re on top of things and they’ve been brilliant.

“I’m speaking to everyone at the club, the manager is calling me for regular updates and sometimes they probably think we won’t stop calling them but this is probably the most important part of the off-season.

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“The board have been fantastic, getting us what we need and that will hopefully show when we start.”

As for the squad being assembled, Whitbread likes the mix of players at their disposal.

“We’ve got a very good blend of young and experienced players and we’ll have to make sure we bring that group together.

“That’s the exciting part, you could say it’s a new team with the additions we’ve made, but it’s a very nice blend. I don’t think we’re that far away now personally.”

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