Smith on Sport: England look like a football team shocker!

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SO THAT’S the England football team.

A team that can pass the ball, run with it, defend, shoot and score.

A team with heart, vitality and desire.

And it was the reserves.

The first team did it on Saturday too, at least for as long as they had to, Wales were beaten in 15 minutes and never really looked like getting anywhere near a goal.

All this is encouraging but makes the World Cup even more of a mystery.

Any 30 second passage of England play from England Tuesday night had more invention, precision and belief than they produced in the whole World Cup campaign in South Africa.

Wilshire, has a great touch and sees a pass, Ashley Young is mobile, intelligent and sharp. Gary Cahill at the back looks like a proper defender, quick, tough and dependable - the latter two will no doubt be on the wish list of the bigger clubs at the end of the season.

And when was the last time you had so much fun watching the national team?

We won’t have been alone in our house hoping that Ghana would score when they were pressing and their fans were screaming the place down.

Old-fashioned entertainment, a breath of fresh air with only one fly in the ointment as far as I could see.

Andy Carroll.

He scored a cracking goal but it is to be hoped that that is not him at full pace.

He’s a big lad and good in the air but if that’s as fast as he can run he needs to do more than stop drinking beer as Fabio Capello has suggested.

To be fair to him he’s only just back from injury but you’d think he’d have the speed back in his legs by now if not in his head.

That aside we can be optimistic about the future. Now we just have to get the first team playing the same way.