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IT seems to have captured the imagination and has got the backing of one of the ‘greats’ who have already been nominated!

IT seems to have captured the imagination and has got the backing of one of the ‘greats’ who have already been nominated!

We invited readers to name their Greatest Team from both sides of the city, United and Wednesday, and it is a feature which will run through the summer appearing every Monday.

Each week, one position will be highlighted and our readers will be offered four nominations to consider before voting for who they think is the best in that position. So far, the positions have been goalkeeper in week one and, this week, right back.

The goalkeeping choices were Alan Hdgkinson, Alan kelly, Simon Tracey and Paddy Kenny from the Blades with the Owls candidates being Ron Springett, Martin Hodge, Chris Woods and Kevin Pressman.

Voting has closed for the goalkeepers but this week it is the right backs who will be getting the votes,

One of those under consideration is former Wednesday legend Mel Sterland and he has enthused over the idea to pick the Greatest team from each club.

“It’s a great idea and the sort of thing everybody loves to do,” said Mel. “People like that sort of thing.

“It’s always a good conversation piece and people always have their different ideas... they’ll say ‘why have you picked him?’, ‘how’s he got in?’. “We all love picking our best teams and it will certainly be interesting what the teams are eventually.”

Mel reflected on the goalkeepers and said that Martin Hodge was the best he ever played with.

“He had everything and just what a defender wanted from a goalkeeper,” said Mel.

“He was so professional and he worked so hard and was a great pro. He’d stay behind and do extra work, he was very dedicated.

“And he was a good talker - but he never used to swear. Goalkeepers are nutcases and they’d let you have a few expletives but not Hodgy. Most I’d hear him say was “flipping gerrout’.

Mel pointed out that Hodge had a big kick on him although he is always remembered for the day that a long kick came from the opposition goalkeeper (Steve Ogrizovic) and ended up in Wednesday’s net.

“It was a windy day, it sailed on and bounced over Hodgy and we slaughtered him,” chuckled Mel. “But, to be fair, he saved us lots of times.”

n Next nominations for your Greatest Team are in Monday’s Star Sport.