What former Sheffield Wednesday boss Carlos Carvalhal has said on Ross Wallace, that third season and Owls advisors' role in transfers

Former Sheffield Wednesday boss Carlos Carvalhal has broken his silence on footage of a Ross Wallace interview in which he appeared to make fun of the manager’s methods and admitted he wanted him sacked.

Wednesday, 25th March 2020, 5:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th March 2020, 1:05 pm

The Portuguese, who is overseeing a successful season in charge of homeland side Rio Ave, answered questions from Wednesday fans as part of a Twitter question and answer session for Coaches Voice.

And he delivered a host of revealing answers on his time at the club, including suggestions on what went wrong in the season he was sacked and the role he says advisors played in the transfer of Dutch flop Urby Emanuelson and others.

Below are a selection of his most interesting replies. Please note they are taken directly as he has written them.

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Carlos on transfers

Did you have input to all the signings #swfc made during your time there?

At end of the seasons I gave a list of 3 players by position to try to bring. Chairman did he maximum and I think he put the advisors in negotiations. At end we bring some/few players from that initial list

Urby Emanuelson why? what for?

Former Sheffield Wednesday boss Carlos Carvalhal lead the club to back-to-back play-off campaigns.

We try to bring 3 players that I had in my list. was not possible! After we try Fox and in that moment the window closed. We just have the option to bring players without contract and one adviser sent him. Between nothing or bring a risk player... we accept!

Did the club sign the wrong type of players at SWFC after losing in play off final?

It’s was hard to bring players. Has I said, we did a list of 3 players by position! Best players of championship was there, but was not easy to bring them. I know Chairman did the maximum, but i don’t know who was in negotiations and contacts. Even this, we bring good players.

Carlos on that third season

Is there anything specifically you regret during your time at Sheffield Wednesday? Why did it go so wrong in the 3rd season?

Yes. Change the system... we play in 4.4.2 2 seasons and we achieve the playoffs. Third season we could surprise the opponents with different systems. I remember when I was sacked in 24th December I was with 9 players from the regular 11 with injuries.

Carlos what is your response to the way the fans reacted to your team towards the end of your time at the Owls ?

I read recently a opinion about the fans, who was the best manager of the decade... my percentage was massive.

We achieve 2 playoffs and we didn’t acheive the 3th because we was sacked. Time it’s the best “medicine” …

Do you ever think looking back at swfc we should have stuck with the first year tactics? Playoff final and great football.

It’s true, first year playing underdogs, we surprise all clubs and we achieve 6th position and playoff final. Second season, oother teams respect us and play more defensive...We found another way to win and we did better... 4th position.

Carlos on players

Just how big were the influences of Jose Semedo & Glenn Loovens in the dressing room?

I that time Semedo and Loovens gave good balance in the dressroom. I wish stay with both with me all time, even they didn’t play to much. You need these personality’s in the dressroom all the time

Who was the most hard-working and dedicated player in your time at Wednesday?

I have a good memory about all the players, but of course, some of them by any reason they are specials... Semedo, Loovens because the leadership, Kieran Lee, Fletcher and Barry Banan, because they are fantastic persons and players

I hope Van Aken and Rhodes can come good like Fox but can't see it happening. Rhodes was such an expensive signing but doesn't even get in the 18 now. Do you not think this was a huge mistake that has cost the club so much? Sad because we were so excited to sign him at the time!

About Van Aken was a situation similar Fox, player to the future. Unfortunately he must play early then we expect because injuries of Glenn and was not ready. The game against SUFC was really bad and gave a bad destiny to him (related the fans)…

Did you feel that Kieran Lee was 2 players in 1? Because he was awesome in his prime. Did/do you have a good relationship with Forestieri?

Yes. The best of Kieran Lee it’s fantastic.

I have a very good relation with Forestieri and work must of majority of the players.

Carlos on THAT Ross Wallace interview

Did you see Ross Wallace's recent interview about you and what did you make of it?

Yes. I saw it. I respect Ross and all the team mates during my time in SWFC and I still respect them

What are your thoughts on Ross Wallace?

Ross did a very good contribution in the first 2 seasons and I must respect this .…

Carlos on a possible Hillsborough return

If offered the chance, would a return to Hillsborough be something that would attract you?

I will, one day.

Not now, because im in good position with Rio Ave (5th position) in Europe league position ... also SWFC have good manager.