Wembley 25: Sheffield Wednesday 1 Manchester United 0 - What they said afterwards...

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It was a victory against the odds and one that goes down as one of the greatest in Sheffield Wednesday’s long history.

And for the players and management, following that incredible 1-0 victory over Manchester United, there was plenty to be said.

Rumbelows Cup - Sheffield Wednesday v Manchester United - 21st April 1991

Rumbelows Cup - Sheffield Wednesday v Manchester United - 21st April 1991

Here are some quotes from the immediate aftermath of the Owls’ Wembley glory...

Skipper Nigel Pearson

“It’s the greatest sporting moment of my life, and for the fans I’m sure.”

Goalscorer John Sheridan

The back page of The Star on April 22, 1991

The back page of The Star on April 22, 1991

“I knew I’d struck it well but I thought the keeper had saved it. It hit the inside of the post and went in. I thought we worked very hard for each other. We really had to do that. Our passing alone wasn’t going to win it for us. The gaffer told us we had to work hard. We knew if we were overawed we’d get hammered. so the gaffer put it into us to go out and enjoy the game. We played very well for the first 10 minutes and it settled us down.”

Manager Ron Atkinson

“We played with a lot of composure. When you come to Wembley you’ve got to be prepared to control and pass and move the ball on. The players have done well. As for John Sheridan - I said it would suit him down to the ground. I wish it was our home ground, though we have got the best League ground in the country.”

Atkinson on Pearson’s Man of the Match award

“It could have been one to 11. I didn’t think we had a bad performer.”

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson

“You couldn’t say Wednesday were lucky to win it, but we were unlucky to lose it. We had one real miss, from Brian McClair’s header, though it was well saved by Chris Turner. Wednesday worked very hard. It’s a great thing for them not having been at Wembley for 25 years. Last time they were 2-0 up and thinking about winning (1966 FA Cup Final against Everton); they didn’t let it slip this time. If you were a neutral, you’d have been praying for a Wednesday win. They have the support, they have the tradition, they are a football club.”

Owls keeper Chris Turner on his save from McClair

“If they had scored then, you don’t know what might have happened. To come out with a save like that at Wembley is the stuff that dreams are made of.”

The man with the assist, Nigel Worthington, on a change of plan after a training ground routine where he played in John Harkes was thwarted

“United saw it and stopped me playing the ball to John. So I just whipped it into the box.”

American midfielder John Harkes

“It’s like a dream. People told me that a final flies past, so I tried to prepare myself for that, but it still came and went so quickly.”

Paul Thompson, with his Wembley Match Verdict, as reported in The Star the following day

Indisputably the better team – with a bigger heart, the greater ambition, the fiercer hunger for glory and the support of the more fanatical crowd – won the Rumbelows Cup at Wembley

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