Wembley 25: DINK! The sweet sound of Sheffield Wednesday glory

Manchester United v Sheffield wednesday Rumbelows Cup Final John Sheridan scores the winner
Manchester United v Sheffield wednesday Rumbelows Cup Final John Sheridan scores the winner
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DINK! It’s a wonderful sound that all Wednesdayites know and love. It’s the sound of victory.

Next Thursday it will be 25 years since John Sheridan rang that Wembley goalpost with the sweetest sound on earth in the Rumbelows League Cup Final.

That sound is the reason why I’m a match going, card carrying, hopelessly devoted Sheffield Wednesday supporter.

That noise is the reason my mum had to keep me calm during the final by giving me some old printer paper to shred to stop me bursting the stitches I still had in from an appendix operation the week before.

It’s the reason as soon as those stiches were out I went to my first Owls game against Leicester City the week after.

It’s the reason I fell in love with Hillsborough as I climbed the steps of the South Stand and looked down on the pitch bathed in glorious sunshine in our 3-1 win against Barnsley the match after the Leicester game.

It’s the reason my brother and I watched ‘The Road to Wembley’ and ‘The Will to Win’ VHS videos at least once a week during our childhoods.

It’s the reason I stood for hours waiting to get a glimpse of the players at the Middlewood Road training ground in the summer holidays.

It’s the reason I spent my pocket money buying flags and t-shirts from the old club shop where I could barely see over the large wooden counter to look at the merchandise.

It’s the reason I spent most of 1993 fasionably dressed in a Sheffield Wednesday shellsuit.

That noise is the reason I’ve spent more money than I care to add up following them home and away for the past 25 years.

DINK is the reason.

It’s the happiest noise in history. Paul Thompson, with his Wembley Match Verdict, as reported in The Star the following day

Indisputably the better team – with a bigger heart, the greater ambition, the fiercer hunger for glory and the support of the more fanatical crowd – won the Rumbelows Cup at Wembley

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