WATCH: Sheffield Wednesday forward Fernando Forestieri damned if he goes down...damned if he doesn't

A frustrated Fernando Forestieri during the defeat to Brentford on Tuesday night
A frustrated Fernando Forestieri during the defeat to Brentford on Tuesday night
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The last two games have told us a couple of things about Fernando Forestieri.

Firstly, he appears to be back in form and, at least in the win over Nottingham Forest on Saturday, playing with a smile on his face at Sheffield Wednesday once again. Secondly, he can't do right for doing wrong.

At the City Ground in the Owls' victory over Forest, the forward latched onto a flick-on, beat Joe Worrall for pace and headed straight towards goal. Just as he was making a break into the box, Forestieri received a very blatant push in the back from Worrall. By the letter of the law, the young defender should have been sent off.

Forestieri didn't take a tumble, stayed on his feet, attempted the shot and was denied by Jordan Smith in the Forest goal. He would have every right to claim he had been knocked off his stride by Worrall, thus denying him the opportunity to score. No foul given, no free-kick, no red card and no goal either, thanks to a sneaky shove.

Fast-forward to Tuesday night and a quick throw in from Jordan Rhodes catches the Brentford defence on the back foot and Forestieri is again heading towards goal, albeit from a much wider angle. Harlee Dean comes crashing into him with all the grace of a Sunday League defender and Forestieri goes down. No penalty, despite most of the ground feeling that it was, not least a fuming Carlos Carvalhal.

Indeed, Bees boss and former Owl Dean Smith, hinted that his side may have got away with that one.

"I was a long way away from it. I've seen it since; I have seen them given but I have also seen them not given," he said.

Smith's next line, was more telling.

"He has gone down a couple of times easily and the referee's played on, whether that was in the referee's mind I don't know," he added.

There lies the crux of the matter. Forestieri is damned by a reputation that he, to his credit, has worked hard to counteract. The early part of last season and in his days at Watford, saw the Argentina-born Italian labelled as a 'diver' and there's no doubting it was warranted.

No matter what he does, though, Forestieri just can't shake that off. He was sent off last season, notably at Hull, when actually fouled but picked up a second yellow card for simulation and it appears that even now, despite not actually 'going down easily' as is constantly suggested, some decisions don't go his way.

Go down in the box? Not much contact, apparently. Stay on your feet? Miss a chance and still no justice.

You could debate that it's his own fault for allowing that reputation to build, but the counter-argument is that it is genuinely undeserving now.

The problem is, mud sticks and it'll be a very long time before it can't be brushed off, no matter how hard he tries. Until then, he's probably going to have to get used to decisions not going his way and the normally cool Carvalhal will continue to go into a red-hot rage on the sidelines.