WATCH: Carlos Carvalhal’s heartbreak over some Sheffield Wednesday fans’ online criticism

Carlos Carvalhal has admitted that he was hurt by the criticism he faced earlier this season from some fans
Carlos Carvalhal has admitted that he was hurt by the criticism he faced earlier this season from some fans
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An emotional Carlos Carvalhal has opened-up about the criticism he took earlier in the season from a small minority of Sheffield Wednesday fans, saying that he felt ‘hurt’ by it.

The online barbs came during a period of inconsistent form for Carvalhal’s team and it got so bad for the head coach that he decided to cut himself off from twitter.

Since then the hugely-popular Portuguese has led Wednesday to the play-offs for the second season in succession and having finished sixth in his first campaign in the Championship, Carvalhal could take the team to as high as third by the end of this weekend.


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But speaking frankly on Alan Biggs’ Talking Sheffield programme on Sheffield Live, Carvalhal expressed just how he felt when receiving highly-critical messages on social media from Owls supporters.

“I’m out (of twitter). I’m tired of the moaners,” he said. “When you like too much about something and you read something that hurts you, even though I don’t care about that, but it hurts you in your heart, you feel it.

“I am here almost two seasons, I am giving everything, I don’t sleep, I put my family to the side, we put the team in the play-offs, we are in a good way and this - I don’t want to say bad words - are talking like this.

“In this period they hurt me and I don’t want to stay with a feeling that I start thinking that I like too much this and I don’t care because these guys don’t deserve that I give the maximum. So I decided, and I think I was clever in that moment, to say I am out of (twitter). I don’t care what these guys are saying anymore, positive or negative and I am away from this because it is garbage what the people say, or the people don’t have brains, or there is a lot of garbage in social media.

“It is a new phenomenon. It is like the expectations, another enemy of the managers is the social media.”

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