VIDEO: The Big Question - We ask Sheffield Wednesday fans: Is the loan system a help or a hindrance?

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Every week The Star Sport heads to Hillsborough to ask The Big Question and get the views of Sheffield Wednesday supporters.

This week, the loan market has been a hot topic - Connor Wickham, previously excelling at Wednesday and a target for a further spell, went back to his club, Sunderland, then pitched up at Leeds on loan, with his performances at Hillsborough perhaps, ironically, hiking up his price, As well as that, there has been some criticism that having too many players in for a short time can prove problematic, given that due to the fact that they haven’t been playing regularly for their parent clubs, they are lacking in match fitness. So Chris Holt asked Owls fans, “Is the loan system a help, or a hindrance?”

Check out the video to see what they had to say.

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